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The SOS Approach to Feeding

At Alta Pediatrics, we proudly implement the SOS Approach to Feeding, a globally recognized method backed by three decades of successful clinical experience. This approach is specifically designed to assist children facing feeding challenges in their journey to gradually explore and embrace a diverse range of foods. Central to the SOS approach is its focus on the sensory aspects of eating, taking into account potential aversions or sensitivities that children may have towards certain food textures, tastes, smells, or appearances. Through a carefully structured and non-threatening process of introducing various sensory aspects of food, our goal is to enhance the child's comfort and willingness to experiment with novel foods.

Underlying factors may be impacting feeding  

Iceberg Concept SOS Feeding
The SOS Approach considers the feeding problem as analogous to the tip of an iceberg, where the visible challenges with eating and weight gain are just the surface, while the underlying factors hidden beneath the surface can be more impactful, akin to what lies underwater that can wreck a boat. The Sequential-Oral-Sensory (SOS) name refers to the major components of the program, but it also cleverly stands for "Save Our Ship!" This approach delves into the root causes of the feeding difficulties, addressing all the factors that may be contributing to the issue, much like what lies beneath the waterline. To accomplish this, a transdisciplinary team of experts, including Pediatric Psychologists, Pediatricians, Occupational Therapists, Registered Dietitians, and Speech Pathologists/Therapists, collaborates to evaluate and treat the "whole child" in a comprehensive manner.

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I'm so glad I found Kim when I did... she is great with my 4 year old daughter and I am seeing so much progress just within a couple months. Highly recommend!


"Kim is top-notch, super patient and is so reassuring. She really gets to know kids and develop a relationship with them."


The OT practitioner is flexible and accommodating with scheduling. She is responsive to our concerns and goals.


Developing skills. Enriching Abilities. Improving Behavior

Why Do Parents Choose the SOS Method?


Equips parents with strategies to support their child's feeding progress at home, promoting a consistent and supportive feeding environment.


addresses the underlying sensory challenges that may be contributing to the child's feeding difficulties, allowing for a more comprehensive and individualized approach.


By encouraging children to explore foods using their senses, the SOS approach fosters a positive and interactive feeding experience. This can help children become more familiar and comfortable with various food textures, tastes, and appearances.


Child-led and non-forceful, meaning it respects the child's pace and preferences. It avoids pressuring the child to eat or try new foods, reducing the stress and anxiety often associated with mealtimes.


For children with selective eating habits or restricted diets, the SOS approach can gradually expand their range of accepted foods. Over time, this can lead to a more balanced and nutritious diet.


Implementing the SOS approach can help improve the overall mealtime atmosphere, reducing mealtime battles and stress for both the child and the family.

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Frequently Ask Questions

About Pediatric Feeding Therapy

What is pediatric feeding therapy?

Pediatric feeding therapy, also known as pediatric feeding intervention or pediatric feeding treatment, is a specialized therapeutic approach designed to address feeding difficulties and challenges in infants, children, and adolescents. It is provided by healthcare professionals such as speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and feeding specialists, who have expertise in pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders.

What can I expect during a feeding therapy evaluation?

The pediatric feeding therapist will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to identify the underlying factors contributing to the feeding difficulties. Based on the assessment, they will develop an individualized treatment plan tailored to the child's specific needs. The therapy may involve various strategies, techniques, and exercises to improve the child's oral motor skills, sensory processing, and overall feeding abilities.

Does my child need therapy?

Some kids may need feeding therapy for various reasons, as feeding difficulties can arise from a combination of factors. Early intervention is crucial in addressing feeding difficulties, as it can prevent potential nutritional and developmental issues and support the child's overall health and well-being. If parents or caregivers notice significant and persistent feeding challenges in a child, seeking the expertise of a feeding therapist or a healthcare professional with experience in pediatric feeding disorders can be beneficial.

How does OT help autism?

The therapy session will involve various therapeutic activities and exercises designed to address the child's feeding difficulties. These activities may focus on improving oral motor skills, sensory exploration of foods, acceptance of new textures, and reducing aversions. Children with sensory processing challenges may engage in activities to desensitize them to different food textures, tastes, or smells. Gradual exposure to new foods in a non-threatening manner may also be a part of the therapy. The therapist may incorporate oral motor exercises and techniques to strengthen and coordinate the muscles used in eating and swallowing. Play-based approaches are often used to make mealtimes more enjoyable and to encourage positive interactions with food.

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