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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

My son is clumsy, bumps into things, falls often, walks loudly, is always too close to me or others, and gets easily frustrated when things do not go his way.
Sensory Integration Therapy

Sensory Integration

My daughter can't stop moving. She refuses to wear certain clothes, refuses to eat certain foods, and gets easily overwhelmed in crowded or noisy places.
Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

My son is 2 and does not have too many words. He gets easily frustrated because it is difficult to communicate his needs. He is having trouble playing with peers as well.

Why Choose Alta Pediatrics?


At Alta Pediatrics you are not just another number. We value each patient as a unique individual and a member of our community. Your therapist knows you and your child's name, ask for updates on what you are observing, and provides updates on what they are observing during the session.


Play Focused

Play is at the center of our sessions and your child will improve over time through play-based therapy. Whether that is in the sensory gym, running through an obstacle course, playing games, or working on their fine-motor skills what feels like play is your child developing skills and enhancing their abilities.


All therapists are trained and experienced in their specific field (occupational and speech therapy) and have specific experience with a pediatric population. Therapists have graduate level degrees, participate in research projects, and attend continuing education to ensure they stay up-to-date on the latest and most effective evaluation and treatment techniques.


We believe communication and collaboration are key. We work with you as the primary caregiver to provide clear updates on progress and goals each week after the session ends. In addition, we can communicate with other stakeholders that are providing care to your child. By coordinating with speech therapists, school staff, ABA, and other specialists we ensure that there is a holistic view of the care your child is receiving. 

Testimonials & Reviews

Hear why parents choose Alta Pediatrics

"The team at Alta Pediatrics are phenomenal. To say they have been life savers would not be an exaggeration. They go above and beyond to help you understand your child's needs and how to support them both in and out of the home. I recommend Alta Pediatrics without any hesitation."


Google Review
"Professional therapists with heart.
My son enjoys his sessions and the therapists always end the sessions with an update of how the session went and what was worked on."


Google Review
"We have had an AMAZING experience at Alta. Kim and her staff are highly skilled and passionate about their work and we have seen immediate improvements in our child. Not to mention, he absolutely loves going! We are so grateful that we have found Alta Rehab and highly recommend it to anyone in need of OT services."


Google Review

Developing skills. Enriching Abilities. Improving Behavior

Here's how we create real and lasting change



Our team of therapists conduct a thorough evaluation of your child to determine areas of strengths, areas of difficulty, and the root causes of these difficulties to focus therapy sessions accordingly and improve development of skills. 



Activities are created to engage the child, address areas of difficulty, and practice new skills. Parents and teachers are provided with strategies to work with their child at home and school to ensure carryover of skills for quicker learning and development of these skills.



We work together with parents to set realistic, measurable goals to address areas of difficulty and ensure progress. We use engaging and motivating toys, games, and play to create a positive environment for your child, improve their confidence, learn new skills, and reach the child and family goals. 

We Love What We Do!

Our pediatric occupational therapists and speech therapists help children develop the skills to perform the tasks of their everyday lives using creative methods to motivate the children and to ensure their experience at Alta Pediatrics is successful and enjoyable!  We value our relationships with caregivers, teachers and physicians, and realize that collaboration is essential to create effective carry-over from the clinic to home and school.

At Alta Pediatrics, we help children develop necessary skills so that their transition into adulthood becomes a path to an independent and rewarding life.
Morristown Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Therapy Helps You As A Parent


We will help you understand the root causes of your child's behaviors or areas of difficulty, why they are the way they are, and how to best help them work through improving various behaviors and develop various skills.


We will work with you to help determine your child's strengths and weaknesses to allow for you to engage in activities that are developmentally appropriate to create a positive experience between parent and child and avoid frustrations and meltdowns.


Parents will get peace of mind from therapists following the evaluation to better understand root causes of difficulties and ways of addressing these to improve skills, decrease deficits, and continue progressing developmentally.


Therapists will work with parents, teachers, and other therapists to provide support across a wide array of settings and ensure carryover and quicker progression and learning of skills to continue achieving developmental milestones.


 Connect with other families receiving therapy services through group sessions or family support groups to understand there are many others out there similar to you. Receive support and support others and make these lifelong connections with friends.

Helping Children Of All Ages Reach Their Full Potential

Alta Pediatrics' mission is to look at each child as a unique, extraordinary individual with the potential to succeed beyond all expectations. We will provide endless resources, work collaboratively, and provide the best care, compassion, and empathy to reach and exceed all children and families goals.

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